5 Step Perfect Skin Routine (A.M. & P.M.)

August 2, 2014
I love to use a cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup. In the winter months, I will often use it as my main cleanser. It doesn’t strip the skin of necessary oils, and since oil attracts oil, it actually grabs the dirt and oil on the skin, and gently removes it. Ultimately, It leaves the skin with a balanced moisture level.
Here are my favorite cleansing oils:

Good: Nude|Better: Tatcha|Best: Josie Maran
A basic cleanser is essential to a skincare regime. I personally love a gel foaming cleanser. Here are my favorites:

Good: First Aid Beauty |Better: Kate Somerville|Best: Fresh
The pH scale ranges from 1-14.
 7 is neutral. 1-6.9 is acidic, and 7-14 is alkaline. Our skin is generally most comfortable (able to fight bacteria ect) at a pH level of between 4.0-6.0. A typical cleanser has a pH level ranging from 6.5 – 8.0. This helps remove dirt, oil, and grime, but can also strip the skin of important moisture, and leave it at a higher pH level. It’s best to use a toner to bring your skin back to a comfortable pH level.  Here are some of my favorite toner choices:

A simple moisturizer is ESSENTIAL to any skincare regime. Here are my favorites. These can be used both day and night:
Good: Philosophy |Better: Dr Hauska | Best: Kate Somerville
Vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid), is key to the production of collagen. It is a powerful antioxidant, that slows the rate of free radical damage to the skin. Research has found that Vitamin C can also reduce sun damage (from UVB rays) if used in the day time. All antioxidants (including vitamin c can deteriorate in the presence of air and light. For this reason, I particularly like the Philosophy C Booster, as it gives a fresh dose of vitamin c to any product you already use. The Safest form of topical vitamin c is ascorbic acid.
Here are my vitamin c favorites:

Good: eb5 |Better: Ole Hendricksen |Best: Philosophy C Booster
Wearing sunscreen on your face every day will make a huge difference in the tone of your skin. The sun can cause lots of damage to the skin. The visible results of this damage can be a blotchy and uneven appearance (hyper pigmentation). I’m not a huge fan of how sunscreen feels, so I prefer a serum, or liquid sunscreen. Here are my favorite serum sunscreens:

Good: Neutrogena |Better: Kiehl’s |Best: Kate Somerville 
Hyaluronic Acid is a scary looking word. Don’t let the word ‘acid’ fool you.
Hyaluronic acid isn’t harsh or stripping to the skin AT ALL. On the contrary, it is actually a powerful humectant (moisture binding ingredient). Hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally occurring carbohydrate in the human body. Babies have beautiful plump skin, because they are born with high levels of Hyaluronic acid. Here are my favorite Hyaluronic acid serums.

Good: Reviva |Better: Peter Thomas Roth |Best: Kate Somerville
Retin-A, and Retinols are an ingredient proven to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, even out skin tone, stimulate collagen and reduce acne and acne scarring. Retinols and  Retin-A rapidly increase cell turnover in the skin, causing fresh new skin to emerge. Retin-A is a very strong option that is only available with a prescription. Your doctor will discuss the possible side effect (including redness and peeling). Over time (with constant use) these side effects will diminish. Retinols are easy to find over the counter, and although they are not as powerful as Retin-A, they can still yield very nice results. Here are my favorites:
Good: Roc |Better: Sunday Riley |Best: Kate SomervilleWhat does YOUR skincare regime consist of?
xo, Rachel

pssst. for a chance to win 1 of 2 sets of First Aid Beauty skincare, tell me your name and where you are from in the comments below! =) Don’t forget to follow my blog if you’re new! =) xo

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