Christian Dior Rose Balm

July 5, 2014
I have seen this lip balm EVERYWHERE for years. I never got around to trying it because I’m pretty happy with my La Mer balm. That stuff is like gold. It’s super thick and hydrating, and I love it. However, I really did want to give this one a try.
The one downside to pot balms/glosses is that you have to use your finger. This is a little annoying, I mean, what the HECK do you do with the left overs on your finger?? Plus, you always want to have clean hands as opposed to a normal lip balm or chap stick which you don’t touch directly.With this particular balm, you really have to get past the initial waxy top layer, hence the nice giant finger print inside.. haha

With THAT being said, I gotta say, I’m such a sucker for this lip balm. It’s much lighter than La Mer, so it gives the look of a really nice (not sticky or clumpy) gloss on the lip. It’s a very kissable lip balm.
The product does claim to plump the lips.
It COULD be my imagination, but I did notice a nice subtle plumping effect. It’s not a tingly plump, but it definitely makes my lips appear fuller.
The smell is probably one of my favorite things about this. It smells like roses, but not overly floral. The scent is subtle, but very nice.
I’m sure there are dupes to this balm, or other balms that are equally as good for the price, but I must admit, this particular balm is very nice. I’ve been taking it everywhere with me, which says a lot. On most days, I don’t even carry a purse. I usually just carry a wallet and a lip balm in my diaper bag.What lip balm are YOU currently loving?

You can find this balm at Sephora, or anywhere Christian Dior products are sold. You can also find it here (click the picture):
xo, Rachel

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  • Abby Evans July 5, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I also recently purchased this lip balm and absolutely love it! I cannot believe I waited so long to pick it up!

  • Cristina July 5, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    I’m currently loving the Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream. It’s one of those multitasking products and I’ve been using it since I bought it 1 month ago.

  • Samantha Griffin July 6, 2014 at 1:28 am

    Loved this post. I’ve been looking to invest in a good quality lip balm… this one might have to be it! Hope Oliver and Byron are doing well!
    You have actually inspired me to start my own blog recently….
    and i dream to one day be as successful as you are!

    If you would check it out, I would be so overjoyed if you read or comment on my posts!