Daily Mirror Pics & This Weeks Treats

May 6, 2013
Hello =) Welcome back to my BLOG!! =) Here are a few of this last weeks “Mirror Pics”
I got this dress from DailyLook =) this was a very Victoria Beckham inspired look. I paired my silver mirrored sunnies, with my Michael Kors Selma bag =) It was a dreary and rainy outside, so I felt this look would work perfectly =) 

 Filmed an episode of Dressed To The Nines in a black lace H&M dress =) 

I had a meeting at The BigFrame offices in the A.M., for a potential partnership with some well-known magazines, and I NEEDED to dress the part ;0) haha Here’s what I chose to wear. =) 

Top from: LoveCulture, Sunnies & Pants  from Forever21 Shoes: ShoeMint Bag: Dailylook
I had to go from that meeting to film Dressed To The Nines that night, so this is what I wore =) 
Another AMAZING Dailylook find =) Love this red cupcake dress.. Makes SUCH a statement!! =) Perfect POP dress for Dressed To The Nines =) 
Here’s a video of that Day to Night Look transformation =) 
This look is more casual for me. I love these high waisted flare jeans from Forever21. They are ALL over the place this season, and I was so lucky to find the perfect fit at forever21. The entire outfit is from Forever21, the bag is from DailyLook.
(What I LOVE about Forever21, is that you can REALLY find well fitting items, that look 10 times the price. You have to dig for Gold though…, as there is MUCH to choose from! =( )

Thought I’d show you this OH SO000 cute pair of retro PJ’s from “The Domestic Dame” =) I wear them at night. They are so comfy and Byron LOVES them!! =) He always thinks I look “so cute” when I go to bed  ;0) 
Here are some things I’m loving!!! =)
I could eat 10 of these at once… Yummy apple strawberry sauce.. =) GREAT to keep in your purse for busy days!! =) 
MY FAVORITE!! =) I love things that sparkle ;0) 
Coffee Bean Iced Tea & Sippy Cup.. =) If I have the sun in my eyes, and a drink in my hand.. I am ONE HAPPY girl! =) 

A little Saturday treat.. Mini Haagen-Dazs and LOST =))) 

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  • Helena Whitehead May 6, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    I’m in love with all of your dresses and bags! You have an amazing style <3

  • Awenyr Luna May 7, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    I just love the tastes that you American people have in things, they’re always so original! I wish we had them here!

    I also love iced tea but there’s no much chance to buy it here, just the regular one.

    By the way, loved the video (I saw it the same day you uploaded it) and among the looks I like the red one.


  • Fabiola Carrillo May 11, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Incredible style girl