Foodie Vibes: Eat Real Cafe

February 7, 2018

Hey Everyone!
Last week I got a chance to try out another local spot that a few of you actually recommended to me—the Eat Real Cafe. Love hearing about more healthy options around my neighborhood and surrounding L.A. County, so please keep the suggestions coming!

The decor felt very “Central Perk,” but much more cozy and quaint.  A good place to grab and go, as seating is limited. Such a great selection at their full tea and juice bar, I imagine many frequenters are in and out.

Did I mention the tea bar? Because there’s a TEA BAR, and that caught my eye immediately! I ended up ordering a couple of options, the first being a classic Jasmine Green Tea. Always a winner! Then I tried the cafe’s best seller, the Strawberry Long Island. Green tea blended with strawberries, oranges, lemon, and marigolds. YES PLEASE! This one was definitely amazing.  I can see why it’s the fan favorite. Either way, there was a tea for everyone and I appreciate that.#TeamTea  =)

Food wise we ordered the Vegan “Tuna” Wrap and the Thai Wrap. Both looked amazing and as you’ve probably noticed, I love a veggie-heavy meal that’s super tasty and inconspicuously great for you! That said I did prefer the Thai Wrap to the Vegan “Tuna” Wrap. The Thai wrap was very simple, fresh, packed with veggies and a little-grilled seitan.

The Vegan “Tuna” Wrap was also fairly packed with veggies too, but I’ve learned something about myself as I try more vegan options.  I’m not a fan of meat alternatives that too closely taste or resemble the real thing! I don’t know why, but it’s never been my preference…and the vegan tuna they used definitely tasted like the real deal. I felt the same about the Beyond Meat Burger. If I’m going to have something that tastes and feels like the real thing, I’ll most likely go for the real thing. Just my preference. Next time I’d be curious to try more of there juices and smoothies!


Hope you enjoyed this post!


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