Foodie Vibes: Gracias Madre

January 8, 2018

Hey guys,
In case you haven’t noticed, I live in a house full of foodies, myself included! For the most part we make everything at home, because going out with two kids can be quite the MISSION! That said, when we do get a chance for a rendezvous it’s all about picking the perfect place and on this particular Friday, I knew exactly where to go to satisfy my “Foodie Vibes.”

If you haven’t been, you NEED to go! I’ve been craving Gracias Madre ever since I first discovered it about a year ago, at the beginning of my pregnancy with Isaiah. Flash forward to now and I finally was able to make the trek back to West Hollywood for an epically delicious meal.

 If you’ve never been before, dare I say, you’re in for a TREAT! Just starting with the vibe…it’s impeccable! First thing you notice is a stunning, bright, spacious bar that’s perfect for walking in and grabbing a seat when you have no reservation. Gracias Madre can definitely fill up, but the bar is first come first serve and they serve full menu.

Fortunately we came during lunch with no reservation and we still got seated right away, but on any given day (and especially night) you can expect a crowd, and it just goes to show how spectacular the food is!

One thing that sets Gracias Madre apart is their suble approach to serving a 100% plant based menu.

Everything on the menu is vegan and funny enough you won’t see the words vegan or plant based anywhere and I kind of love that. Sometimes labels can scare people away and this is truly a place that anyone can appreciate! I’ve been slowly filling my bathroom and studio with macrame and plants. I was loving the versions they had in the restaurant.

Back to the food, I think it’s safe to say that their not about pushing vegan food, but it is just GREAT food that happens to be plant based.

I truly believe that good food is good food. Who needs labels?  If it’s delicious, it’s DELICIOUS! And Gracias Madre serves nothing but scrumptiousness! We started with a simple chips and guac, can’t go wrong there, and we ended with a crispy potato chorizo taco, a plantain chorizo quesadilla with cashew crema, and flautas de camote—my mouth is seriously watering just thinking back!

Besides everything being yummy and beyond, there are two things that put this restaurant above the rest.  First being, eating plant based, especially mid day,  just feels better.  And I mean physically better. To leave a meal feeling full and satisfied, but not dragged down, that’s essential and spectacular!  I guarantee anyone with any diet will appreciate the flavor and uniqueness that Gracias Madre serves up daily.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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  • Rachel January 9, 2018 at 2:33 am

    I attend church with Terces, the owner of Gracias Madre and Cafe Gratitude. She has an amazing story and she’s a wonderful woman. She often hosts church meetings and events at her farm here in Northern California.

  • Jae January 10, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    The food looks so good! I agree — good food is good food! It’s all about balancing! I try not to get too stressed about having only plant-based meals.