Foodie Vibes: Iconic Cafe

June 13, 2018

Hey Guys!
It’s been a minute since I’ve had a chance to get out and grab a bite…Between camping trips, school drop-offs, keeping a house with 3 acres of dirt clean (seems impossible at times), and raising a couple of rambunctious boys, dining out has become a distant memory!  Luckily, when I was able to squeeze in a lunch between errands, I knew exactly where to go. Hearing raves about a new spot in town, I headed for Iconic Eats.

Let’s start with the main and work our way back because MY GOODNESS you can’t go wrong with the pizza we ordered. The Truffalo Cauliflower Pizza is delicious and then some! We opted to make it vegan, with cauliflower and cashew cheese, but chicken and cheese are available if that’s more your thing. This place definitely caters to many types of eating. Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto—there’s a little something for everyone.

Cooked in a traditional pizza oven, the crust is classic (not too thick and not too thin), while the rest is certainly a unique and tasty reimagination of the pizza we’ve all known. Topped with a truffle infused buffalo sauce (mind-blowing), red onions, parsley, cauliflower, and a house-made cashew cheese, this pizza is going in for the win! With the perfect amount of savory, heat, and tangy flavor goodness, all the components were there.  Not too crunchy, but able to hold the toppings without flopping, packed with flavor, and a filling treat. A re-order, no doubt!

Back to the start(ers), we ordered a side of fries and roasted veggies (only $3.50 each) and they were massive! Flavor was on point all around.  The fries were golden and crispy with an added bonus of a balsamic reduction drizzled on top. Got to appreciate the details. The veggies were tossed in oil, roasted, and seasoned with salt, which could have been a little lighter, but altogether both sides were well worth the modest price tag and definitely hit the spot.

Iconic Eats definitely found a new patron in me and is an easy crowd pleaser with the classic, vegan, gluten-free, and keto alternatives to almost every dish! I love seeing a restaurant be so inclusive of all types of eating and they’re nailing the recipes at that! Everyone wins with this one.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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    Did you guys adopt Jazzy? How and when did that happen???!!!

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