Foodie Vibes: The Daily Harvest

January 15, 2018

Hey Guys,
I discovered a gem on my way home from dropping Oliver at school.  Honestly, I haven’t found a ton of lighter healthy options in the new neighborhood, so I was over the moon to stumble across The Daily Harvest!

The entire vibe of this hidden treasure was fresh, quality, seasonal food.

I have to say, this place was stunning! The decor was exactly what the doctor ordered.

It’s a bright open space, Instagram ready, with the hippie-boho vibes that I’ve been dying over lately! Light and airy, understated, but intentional. I loved every bit of the decor. Tons of inspo for my e-commerce shop COMING SOON!

The menu has something to offer everyone.  Many vegan and gluten-free options for anyone with diet restrictions. Altogether a really well-rounded menu with too many options to try all in one sitting.

A couple of things I didn’t order, but can’t wait to try later are definitely the Burrata Toast, the Pesto Spaghetti Squash, the Breakfast Pizza and the Banana Chia Muffins! You can clearly see why I have to come back for more.

The cold brew definitely hit the spot and I love that they offer milk alternatives. We’re an almond milk family all the way, though I’m always open to trying other alternatives.

Cold-brew aside, the real star of the show was certainly the juice! It was a blend of pineapple, apple, cucumber, bell pepper, and cayenne.  It reminded me a little of the detox lemonade, but it wasn’t nearly as tart and the spice was subtlely enjoyable. Next time I want to try the Mad Beets and Liquid Gold! I’m a sucker for ginger and those both sound like they’d hit the spot.

For lunch, I ordered the Avacado Sandwich and the Arugula Flatbread.

The flatbread was thin and crispy with a light tomato sauce, arugula, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and a lemon vinaigrette drizzle. It was simple, fresh, and a great appetizer to split! Really light, but with plenty of flavor.  Felt like a very guilt-free snack that’d I actually like to recreate for my kids.

The sandwich came with a simple arugula side salad topped with parmesan.  Much preferred to a heavier side. I like to leave enough room for the main entree!

The main entree being this SUPER YUMMY sandwich that was made with a hearty ciabatta roll (my fave), an avocado mash, jalapenos, tomatoes, a red cabbage slaw, and a vegan aioli spread. This hit the spot! I even ordered a side of their reduced balsamic glaze to add even more of a bite. SO GOOD! Definitely recommended

Altogether I can say without a doubt that I am a new regular at The Daily Harvest. A crowd pleaser without a doubt.


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  • Kelly January 16, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Try “Eat Real Cafe”! I think you’ll love it!

  • Donyell January 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    I love your bead bracelets! Where are they from?