Foodie Vibes: Urth Caffé

February 21, 2018

Hey Guys!
Got out of the house for another meeting on the westside. I decided to (finally) drop into Urth Caffé.  I say finally because this place is infamous out here, not only for their good food but for the frequenters that visit. It’s a trendy spot out here in Los Angeles, and I feel everyone has been there except for me. Since I had a meeting pretty much next door, I thought it was a good time to try it out.

No sooner did I walk in and get in line before a lovely woman tapped my shoulder and asked me to pass her a menu.  That lovely lady was Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids/Neigbors! She was super chill, and absolutely adorable and effortlessly put together.

Back to the food, this place is a great place to go for an early morning latte. You know those lattes with a gorgeous design on top that make you feel guilty when you take your first sip? Yeh, that!!  Luckily, it was lunch-time and far too warm for lattes, so I went with an iced tea and a vegan pizza topped with fresh seasonal veggies and paired with a side of basil and chili infused oil…talk about YUM!

This absolutely hit the spot! It was topped so high with veggies that the only way to get this bad boy down was to fold it New York style and dive in! Saving the crust for the spicy dipping oil is a must! They’re SO GOOD together! Spicy, crunchy, full of flavor, and just the right amount of fresh toppings. I left one happy camper and that’s just after trying one of the delicious looking items on their more than accommodating menu.  Next time I’ll need to come by during breakfast to watch the baristas create art in a cup and to try out their breakfast menu. Until then, let me know where you think I should go next!


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