Garden Diary: Home Depot Garden Event

June 1, 2018
Hey Guys!
 Over the weekend Byron and I got an invitation from Home Depot and PopSugar to attend a special garden-to-grill event. We don’t get many chances to get out these days, but since this was right up our alley (with everything we’re working on #aroundthehouse) we definitely wanted to attend. The event was held at the most stunning Victorian-style farmhouse in the heart of Hollywood—the Lombardi House.
 As a family, we’ve been spending way more time outdoors lately.  Moving from stacked suburbia to open ranch land will do that to you. As much fun as space can be, it involves a TON of work and head scratching…Why is my lawn covered in holes? How come the grass grows over there, but not over here? Why are these insects dead set on destroying every herb in our garden?! Hence, the best part of the event! They had gardening experts there to help us with the plethora of questions we had about upping our green thumb game!
 Very inspired to do a vertical garden, like this one.  They’re simply stunning and definitely on my radar as my hubby and I experiment with our gardening and craftsman skills.

One of the biggest issues we’ve been facing has definitely been the insects assassinating our herbs overnight. You may have seen that we’ve been planting and drying herbs to experiment with cooking and DIY tinctures and tonics. The only problem is the bugs seem to do more experimenting than we can! After chatting with one of the experts at the event, they recommended an outdoor insect guard by Sevin that’s specifically for herbs and produce. It’s safe for edible plants and to use around pets, so I’m excited to give it a try. How beautiful are these dried herbs they had at the event?

During the event, they had a DIY garden box project. I enjoyed making the mini garden box and transplanting a few of the Bonnie Plants herbs inside. Their plants are certified as USDA organic, gives you a really nice head start on creating an organic garden. PLUS, there are over 250+ varieties of fresh Bonnie Plants, veggies and herbs, at Home Depot. Choices GALORE and exclusively at Home Depot take advantage of their Home Decor Grow A Garden guarantee. Your garden is guaranteed to grow a harvest or your money back. No risk involved and a sweet little tip if you’re also experimenting with growing an organic garden.
Super stoked about the new purple variety of basil to add to our herb garden!
We were also introduced to the one-step grass seeding mix by Pennington.  Like I mentioned, our lawn happens to be a gofer haven. We’re constantly having to fill in the holes, replant grass, and cross our fingers that it all grows in evenly.  Excited to try it for spot treatment and even lawn growth.

I love an event that’s both fun and informative. It was a nice day out with my man.
Thanks for checking out my blog, and for Home Depot and PopSugar for inviting me to the event and sponsoring this blog post.


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