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Mother Nature’s Remedy

February 2, 2018

Hey Guys,
This place that I’m sharing has been a family favorite of mine for over a decade! My mom used to take me to the original location in Northridge, CA. Now it’s only grown bigger, better, and my obsession continues to grow!  Mother Nature’s Remedy is a Valley gem and the perfect place to go for all things holistic, herbal, and now it even has a cool little cafe that serves food and drinks!

The same owner still runs the store. He asks me about my YouTube channel every time I come in, because he remembers when I was just starting out. =) Him and his wife are so chill and down to earth, it’s clear he runs the shop with passion and years of experience and knowledge.

 The curation of natural goods gives me so much shop inspiration!  There’s everything from essential oils, to tonics, beauty care, natural enhancement shakes and proteins….

…I even found real sea sponges! I think they’re so interesting and beautiful. Perfect addition to bathtub tray.

They also carry salt rocks galore (every shape and size), smudge sticks for days, incense, holders…and honestly just a ton of my favorite things!

The ultimate favorite being the herb wall of wonders!

Every type of dried herb, root, tea, petal, and MORE that you could possibly imagine. Talk about a kid in a candy shop moment!

I even picked up some Red Raspberry Leaf for a PMS Hacks video that I’m working on. Making a custom blend tea to take the kick out of cramps.

A few other things that make this shop particularly unique is they also offer homeopathic treatments on site. They have an infrared sauna, massage therapy, and acupuncture available.

The cherry on top is the newest addition to the Mother Nature’s brand, their little cafe! They open a few hours earlier than the shop and offer some pretty spectacular treats, tonics, acai bowls, and even savory options like their gluten-free vegan waffles and the surprisingly delicious and nutritious, Cashew Cream Cheeze and Sea Clear (contains kelp and chlorella) toast with avocado. Didn’t see that one coming, but it was pretty dang good!

And then there’s the coffee, tea, and juice selection! What else could I ask for? Any bulletproof coffee fans out there?  I tasted the one they serve at MNR and it was so rich and SOOOO delicious!

I would highly suggest you stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.  It truly is a one-stop shop for holistic self-care.


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