Muuuucch Cheaper ‘LOVE’ Bangle Alternative

September 27, 2015

I love the Cartier Love Bangles! I’m super jelly of all my friends who have one, or two, ooooor Kylie Jenner (she has like 65)!! haha Cough..  I honestly think one or two together are so elegant looking, and they are definitely the hottest thing right now, but the price of just one is more than most people pay for their first car! Heck…., MORE!! I paid 6K of my own money in cash for my first car! ha… BUT, as my friend says, “Ain’t nobody got time for a $7000 bracelet!” haha 

I tweeted something about my love for the bracelets, and someone suggested looking at The Peach Box. I was intrigued, so I went to look. I usually am not a fan of buying imitation products, as a matter of fact, I recently got rid of everything I had that was a ‘look alike’ product. I felt like it was kinda false advertising. But honestly, I couldn’t resist trying these gorgeous bangles! I’m happy to tell anyone who asks that they are NOT real, and gladly share where I got them from. haha


 They’re definitely not duplicates, so they do have little differences from the Cartier bangles, but they’re still really nice quality and equally appealing.


Best of all, each of these cost $34, so pennies on the dollar compared to Cartier! I usually wear them each individually, or mix and match. I don’t usually wear them all at once. They Are Simple and classy.

Gold Bangle | Silver Bangle | Twisted Gold Nail Bangle

Hope you enjoy these bangles and much as I do!

xo Rachel

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  • clau September 29, 2015 at 7:26 am

    Love it!
    Love all your posts and videos! xo xo