My Garden Bed (FAIL?)

November 17, 2017

Hey guys! I decided to tackle my first garden bed and although it took a few attempts to get it just right, I love what we ended up with! If you want to try this at home I would definitely recommend customizing the size and shape for what works best for your property.  The measurements below are what we ended up with after having to seriously re-think our first attempt, but do what works best for you!

 Materials Needed:
-Four 8′ Redwood Planks
(Cut ONE into 2 x 30″ pieces and 1 x 36″ piece)
-Two 66″ Redwood Planks
-Ten 18″ 2 x 4 planks
-Wood Screws

Basic Build Steps:
1. Measure the space and draw plans accordingly (mine are above).
2. Cut, or have cut, each plank to the desired measurements.
3. Lay out the shape of the bed and screw in several 18″ 2 x 4 support planks at each corner where the planks will connect to one another. For long sections middle supports are optional.
4. With the supports in place, begin securing the corners of the bed using a screw gun, drill bit, and large wood screws.
5. Once the bed structure is built, measure and dig holes accordingly to drop in the garden bed so it is flush with the ground.
6. Drop in the bed and fill in each support hole with excess dirt.
7. If you have a gopher or rabbit issue, be sure to install wire mesh using gloves, a wire cutter, and a staple gun. Drape the mesh up the side of the bed and secure with a staple gun.
8. Fill in with soil and ENJOY!


Rachel Talbott

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