My Garden Update

June 19, 2018

This week Byron and I will be married 11 years. We started our life together in a 900 sq ft apartment, and we had a small garden on our balcony with 2 or 3 herbs. We have enjoyed the process of expanding our knowledge and experimenting with our garden over the years. My husband is good at many things, including his green thumb. He’s been experimenting with very basic farming on our property, and we are excited to expand over the next several years. We just bought a tractor, so we have a bit of work to accomplish once we get started. Here’s where we are at so far.

The front of our property has a few citrus trees, a garden bed, and my husband started experimenting with some landscaping. We have spaghetti squash, carrots, radishes and watermelon growing. For landscaping, my husband had the vision to have flowers growing under the base of the tree, so he started the process.

He prepped the soil under this tree, and then you can see in the second picture the start of one of the trees.

Close up of the flowers we planted under the trees and the water system Byron installed.

Our rosemary bush is going crazy!! It’s so big that the dogs often run through it and smell quite lovely! I wash before using of course (=

In an effort to create more privacy on our property, in addition to a more aesthetically pleasing front yard, we planted a variety of jasmine that creeps along the fence. It’s growing beautifully.

We have a eucalyptus tree growing, with the most beautiful fresh eucalyptus. I love to pick some an add it to bouquets around the house. It smells divine!!

We planted white roses behind my music studio, and it’s already looking so beautiful. It was extremely bare before, and I’m loving the roses. I’m excited to be able to step outside my studio and pick some fresh roses.

My husband planted my favorite flowers outside of my studio. He was the first boy to ever send me my favorite flowers (Gardenias) and we also had them all over our wedding. It was such a romantic gesture for him to plant me an entire garden of them. They smell absolutely intoxicating.

Some of these herbs we’ve had from the conception of our garden. We are growing sage, cilantro, thyme, oregano, several varieties of mint, spearmint, chocolate mint, orange mint. We have lemongrass, anise & chamomile too!

My husband built this beautiful garden bed for even more chamomile. Can’t wait to make organic chamomile tea.

Our newest test was a small pumpkin patch for the fall. It takes about 130 days for pumpkins to grow, so we have a bit to go. We are seeing some sprouts, but our puppy Jazzy has been a little bit of a bad girl and digging up some of the seeds. We are growing giant pumpkins, fairytale pumpkins, and Jack-o-lanterns. If our puppy lets them grow, they should arrive around early October. Fingers crossed.

We also have cucumbers and a variety of peppers growing in our garden bed located in the backyard.

So that’s where we’re at.  Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Rachel Talbott

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    Your garden and yard look absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see it grow more.

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