The Music Room (My Home Studio)

January 18, 2018

A huge goal of mine this year is to just be more authentic and true to myself. I’ve long felt the desire to honor the history of music in my family and fulfill my life long dream of continuing to make music.  I love being in a studio, singing on tracks, and just being around the creative process in general. Several years back I started feeling the urge to invest in studio equipment. Instead of expensive handbags or luxuries, I decided to put some money towards making my vision come to life. I never imagined I’d have a space like this to work with, but somehow after moving into this home we chose this random room to start unboxing all of my “investment pieces”. As I slowly built this room, it’s come so beautifully together; a true dream studio space for me. It’s been a long time coming, but this vision of mine hasn’t gone away, and now it’s coming to the forefront. Today I wanna give you a first look at what I’m doing in this room that I now called #TheMusicRoom.


Hanging plants outside the doors and gardenia bushes planted to the right (not pictured). Come spring this space is gonna be an Oasis of my favorite greenery, flowers, music & good vibes. Stay tuned!!

Of course, the studio tour must start with our office mascot. Ozzy has become my support system in the wee hours!  He sleeps at my feet until all hours of the night as I tinker with all of my toys.

He’s a great desk companion too! Speaking of which, we made this desk out of two eye soar filing cabinets and a piece of scrap wood we found in the warehouse! A quick coat of grey stain and we had a fully functional workspace that looks great–if I do say so myself!

This is Cheyne’s workspace/happy space. Swell bottle and MacBook always within reach =)

This couch has experienced a bit of re-utilizing…Like the file cabinets, we needed to make this couch work for the space we had. Once an L-shaped sectional, we had to transform it into a sofa that fit flat against the wall.  After a trim and stitch, we now have the perfect resting spot for the space. I plan to add some more pillows and throw blankets in the future.

These shelves were a Byron find that I absolutely love! He found them on Etsy. I plan to fill it with music books and a few pics that I love.. I think the pic of me with Celine Dion will be a must, and perhaps a Beatles book signed by my Dads boss, Ringo!! To the left, my dream is to have an upright piano. All in due time, right? I need to save a bit for that one, and practice more!!

For now, I have this decorated with childhood keepsakes like these tambourines that were my mothers.. She is an elementary school music teacher. She had plenty of fun instruments to share with The Music Room. =) The large black rectangles are sound dampeners. Helps keep the music in the room, and not throughout the whole house. haha

…plenty of splashes of greenery and a yummy candles that I’ve been obsessed with!

In the corner, we were able to tuck in a tea bar—aka a singer’s dream! The more you use your voice, the more tea time becomes a necessity. I’m a tea freak regardless. I have teas for days! Should I do a “Tea Obsession” blog?

This piano I’ve had for some time now, but I’ve never utilized it the way I can with this new space and editing station! It’s a Yamaha MOXF8. This was my first major music investment a few years back. I played and wrote songs on my fathers piano all the time as a child, and I would practice in college in the practice rooms  for hours. One day I realized how sad I was without an instrument in my home, and I decided to change that as soon as I could.

It was actually kind of sad how out of practice I was. I’m a firm believer that practice makes perfect—it’s an age-old sentiment that will always apply.

Let’s get to an even bigger challenge…the editing bay! Just as computers do, the second I learn a new program and begin to take off the training wheels, CRASH! It never fails, but I remind myself that patience is a virtue and I’m determined to continue learning. I couldn’t edit video to save my life 7 years ago, now I know my way around and can quickly edit a creative concept that I have. With patience, you can learn something new. I have Logic and Pro Tools. I’ve been experimenting with basic arranging of my original songs in Logic, and I like Pro Tools for editing vocal sessions. Here I’m opening up a brand new project and just starting from scratch. It’s been fun to experiment. You can hear some bits and pieces of what I’ve been working on in my Instagram story highlights.

Decorwise I needed to be inspired, so you know I had to throw in some hippie vibes! Crystals, macrame, dreamcatcher, and greenery…they all transcend me to a different era of music that I grew up listening too. It makes me feel in touch, at peace and inspired to create.

The mic was a gift from my precious Grandma, who recently passed. It’s a Neumann TLM 103. She gave it to my father years ago and requested he use it to help me get my voice out into the world. He gave it to me for my studio, and it’s such a beautiful piece. I’m so thankful for this precious gift, and hope I make her proud with it.

My biggest goal of the New Year is to simply create as much music as I can!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Peace and love,


  • Reply Jae January 24, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Looks so good! You did such a great job decorating your studio. How amazing is it that the room has a direct access to outside?!

  • Reply Colleen January 26, 2018 at 12:28 pm

    I’m loving the new posts on the blog! Please do a tea post – I’m obsessed myself!

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