May 3, 2016

Hey ya’ll.

Back with another beauty snap blogpost. I’m breaking down some beauty items I’ve been sharing on my snap chat lately. =)

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

 I’ve been a fan of these himalayan pink salt lamp for years. I used to own one back when we lived in our very first apartment, but I can’t remember what happened to it. I recently got a few for around the house. These lamps are said to: 1)reduce allergies 2) improved mood 3) cleaner indoor air.

Here’s some insight from an Article on

‘Negative ions occur more often in nature and they are often created by things like lightening storms, sunlight, waterfalls, and ocean waves.

Positive ions are often created by electronic devices like computers, TVs, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners and can often exacerbate problems like allergies, stress and sleep trouble. Negative ions can neutralize positive ions (they bond together) and help cleanse the air.

The unique combination of salt and a light source in salt lamps are what cause the negative ions. Salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts water to its surface and this water evaporates quickly due to the small amount of heat from the light source (this is also why salt lamps tend to sweat and appear wet in humid climates). The negative ions are generated during the evaporation process.

Since things like airborne mold, bacteria, and allergens often carry a positive charge, they can be neutralized by negative ions.’



IMG_5131 (1)

Moon Juice Products

I’ve been following this Instagram account and paying attention to these products for a while now. I don’t remember where I first heard about them, but I was dying to test them out and see if they worked. Huge thanks to the company for sending me a package to try out. They are not paying me to discuss these. I LOVE the Vanilla Mushroom Protein + it’s made with raw sprouted plant protein. The ‘happy making system regulator Mucuna Pruriens’ are added to the same protein smoothie I make after the gym. I noticed that this combo definitely increases my energy levels and makes me feel upbeat and in a great mood.


I was really curious about the Beauty Dust. First off, right off the bat, I think it’s super pricey for the amount you get. Although I don’t doubt it a fabulous product, I could see myself buying the protein over and over again, but the beauty dust seems a bit steep. The taste isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad at all. It contains Goji and other beautifying ingredients. It’s great with tea, and I will make a cup of tea with a small scoop. The jury is still out on this one, so I will keep you posted.


Same goes for the Brain Dust!!! Although, I suuuure hope it makes me smarter  😉 haha


I LOVE the taste of this sprouted almond butter. I add it to bananas for Oliver, and I make sprouted toast, and add it on top for breakfast.


Nano Facial Steamer

I was sent this steamer to try out.  I was told that it was a much better quality version than the one I previously owned (which was one from the drugstore). Once again, not paid or required to post about it at all, but I was absolutely shocked when the amount of steam that came out  was significantly more than the one I currently had. This one is very similar to the professional steamers at the spa. These sell on line for all different prices, so I would try to find the best deal if you’re interested. The price is a bit steep in comparison to the steamers you can easily find in stores. It’s great to use right before applying a mask and I try to steam once a week. =) 

IMG_5132 (1)

IMG_5133 (1)

Indian Coconut body oil roll on

What can I say, it just makes you smell like heaven on earth!! I love a good body oil!!

This brand is one of my favorite beauty brands available at Target and other drugstores. They have THE BEST scents. PERFECT for summer! Warm coconut!



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DIY Shower Mists

March 17, 2016

I recently posted a video all about DIY Spa Treatments that you can do at home! One thing that I made is a really simple aromatherapy shower mist! I want to share a few more recipes that I’m loving! Hope you enjoy =)

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.22.18 AM

Revitalizing Shower Mist:

4oz glass spray bottle
1 tsp alcohol-free witch hazel
5 Drops Eucalyptus EO
5 Drops Geranium EO
10 Drops Peppermint EO

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.13.36 AM

 Refreshing Shower Mist:

4oz glass spray bottle
1 tsp alcohol-free witch hazel
10 Drops Grapefruit EO
5 Drops Lime EO
5 Drops Lemon EO

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.14.01 AM

Relaxing Shower Mist:

4oz glass spray bottle
1 tsp alcohol-free witch hazel
10 Drops Chamomile EO
15 Drops Lavender EO

 Hope you enjoyed this quick post!

xoxo, Rachel

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Beauty Snaps: All About That LED & Rose Oil

March 17, 2016

I’ve been snapchatting a TON these days and one thing I wanted to do is to bring those snap topics to the blog! You can find my snap chat by snapping this pic. =) haha


I recently went to Kate Somerville (for a facial*)  and I got a red light treatment. It’s so crazy! I wanted to do a post about it.


At first glance it looks like a red tanning bed, but in actuality it’s a really powerful beauty tool that emits infrared lights and is known for it’s anti-aging benefits.

The treatment is known as LED Light Therapy and it works by emitting infrared light (causing a heating sensation) in two to four different shades depending on the device you’re using. Red is said to  promote collagen growth, skin elasticity, and even skin tone. It also reduces inflammation and promotes circulation. Blue kills acne causing bacteria that exist beneath the skin’s surface.

 Spas will mostly likely have the shades and use panels rather than a handheld application, but it can also be pretty expensive! Between $150-$300 a treatment! I realized while I was getting my treatment that the brand (LightStim) that made the panel for the spa also makes a handheld device, and I actually already had it in my arsenal of beauty gadgets. I recognized the name, and I remembered I got it as a gift a few years ago in a gift bag from QVC*. I was never really that consistent with using it. I put it away in my second bathroom. I told my aesthetician, and she said “girl, whip that out and use it every night… you will see the most amazing results in your skin.” I’ve been using it at night while I watch TV or read books etc. The gadget is pricey, but not any more than what ONE treatment costs at the spa. My aesthetician says it takes more disciple, and it’s more time consuming to go section by section with a handheld, but it has the same power as a panel, and ultimately it’s just as effective.

I’ve known about LED therapy since back when I worked in the skincare industry. The technology has advanced even since then, and I know the results are amazing, but I’m the worst at being consistent with gadgets.. .. haha  I try but alas, I always fall off the wagon.. hahaI will keep you posted on this!



 I even take it a step further and pair this treatment with rose oil! Just a couple of drops is all you need to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties! It reduces redness, calms the skin, moisturizes, AND preps the skin for additional product layering! I buy these rose oil capsules at Target. It’s by Weleda, and I also love their Skin Food body cream!


Hope you enjoyed this Beauty Snap!

xoxo, Rachel

*this post was not sponsored or paid for.  I’m sometimes gifted facials & products for review, and it’s up to my discretion on what I share. I feel fortunate, but It would be hard for me to have access to so many wonderful products and treatments if they weren’t introduced to me. I share what I honestly think is interesting and worth sharing with my readers etc. You can shop using affiliate links through my website. I do get commission, so if you would like to shop off of google or on your own, that’s ok too! I just hope you enjoy the post!