PMS Relief Tea

February 6, 2018

Hey Guys,
Here’s a super simple recipe for a PMS Relief Tea that you can easily make at home. It combines a few dried herbs including Red Raspberry Leaf, which is great for cramps, muscle spasms, and hormonal imbalances.  Then there’s peppermint which is excellent for spasms as well and reduces fatigue and stress. Lastly, chamomile is soothing and even helps prevent stomach discomfort that can be really common during that time of the month.  Altogether this is a natural, but powerful blend of herbs that works great for relieving PMS symptoms. Definitely worth a try for all of my tea enthusiasts!

PMS Relief Tea

PMS Relief Tea


  • 2 Parts Dried Raspberrry Leaf
  • 2 Parts Dried Chamomile
  • 1 Part Dried Peppermint Leaf


  1. Combine dry ingredients accordingly and transfer to a tea infuser or fine mesh tea bag.
  2. Steap in about 175°F water for 3-4 minutes—or until desired strenght is achieved.


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