Foodie Vibes: Urth Caffé

February 21, 2018

Hey Guys!
Got out of the house for another meeting on the westside. I decided to (finally) drop into Urth Caffé.  I say finally because this place is infamous out here, not only for their good food but for the frequenters that visit. It’s a trendy spot out here in Los Angeles, and I feel everyone has been there except for me. Since I had a meeting pretty much next door, I thought it was a good time to try it out.

No sooner did I walk in and get in line before a lovely woman tapped my shoulder and asked me to pass her a menu.  That lovely lady was Rose Byrne from Bridesmaids/Neigbors! She was super chill, and absolutely adorable and effortlessly put together.

Back to the food, this place is a great place to go for an early morning latte. You know those lattes with a gorgeous design on top that make you feel guilty when you take your first sip? Yeh, that!!  Luckily, it was lunch-time and far too warm for lattes, so I went with an iced tea and a vegan pizza topped with fresh seasonal veggies and paired with a side of basil and chili infused oil…talk about YUM!

This absolutely hit the spot! It was topped so high with veggies that the only way to get this bad boy down was to fold it New York style and dive in! Saving the crust for the spicy dipping oil is a must! They’re SO GOOD together! Spicy, crunchy, full of flavor, and just the right amount of fresh toppings. I left one happy camper and that’s just after trying one of the delicious looking items on their more than accommodating menu.  Next time I’ll need to come by during breakfast to watch the baristas create art in a cup and to try out their breakfast menu. Until then, let me know where you think I should go next!



Foodie Vibes: Eat Real Cafe

February 7, 2018

Hey Everyone!
Last week I got a chance to try out another local spot that a few of you actually recommended to me—the Eat Real Cafe. Love hearing about more healthy options around my neighborhood and surrounding L.A. County, so please keep the suggestions coming!

The decor felt very “Central Perk,” but much more cozy and quaint.  A good place to grab and go, as seating is limited. Such a great selection at their full tea and juice bar, I imagine many frequenters are in and out.

Did I mention the tea bar? Because there’s a TEA BAR, and that caught my eye immediately! I ended up ordering a couple of options, the first being a classic Jasmine Green Tea. Always a winner! Then I tried the cafe’s best seller, the Strawberry Long Island. Green tea blended with strawberries, oranges, lemon, and marigolds. YES PLEASE! This one was definitely amazing.  I can see why it’s the fan favorite. Either way, there was a tea for everyone and I appreciate that.#TeamTea  =)

Food wise we ordered the Vegan “Tuna” Wrap and the Thai Wrap. Both looked amazing and as you’ve probably noticed, I love a veggie-heavy meal that’s super tasty and inconspicuously great for you! That said I did prefer the Thai Wrap to the Vegan “Tuna” Wrap. The Thai wrap was very simple, fresh, packed with veggies and a little-grilled seitan.

The Vegan “Tuna” Wrap was also fairly packed with veggies too, but I’ve learned something about myself as I try more vegan options.  I’m not a fan of meat alternatives that too closely taste or resemble the real thing! I don’t know why, but it’s never been my preference…and the vegan tuna they used definitely tasted like the real deal. I felt the same about the Beyond Meat Burger. If I’m going to have something that tastes and feels like the real thing, I’ll most likely go for the real thing. Just my preference. Next time I’d be curious to try more of there juices and smoothies!


Hope you enjoyed this post!



PMS Relief Tea

February 6, 2018

Hey Guys,
Here’s a super simple recipe for a PMS Relief Tea that you can easily make at home. It combines a few dried herbs including Red Raspberry Leaf, which is great for cramps, muscle spasms, and hormonal imbalances.  Then there’s peppermint which is excellent for spasms as well and reduces fatigue and stress. Lastly, chamomile is soothing and even helps prevent stomach discomfort that can be really common during that time of the month.  Altogether this is a natural, but powerful blend of herbs that works great for relieving PMS symptoms. Definitely worth a try for all of my tea enthusiasts!

PMS Relief Tea

PMS Relief Tea


  • 2 Parts Dried Raspberrry Leaf
  • 2 Parts Dried Chamomile
  • 1 Part Dried Peppermint Leaf


  1. Combine dry ingredients accordingly and transfer to a tea infuser or fine mesh tea bag.
  2. Steap in about 175°F water for 3-4 minutes—or until desired strenght is achieved.


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Foodie Vibes: Moonjuice

February 5, 2018

Hey Guys,
On the way back from a meeting in the city I stumbled across —Moonjuice! I’ve used several of their products in the past, I’m a fan of their Vanilla Mushroom Protein, because it’s vegan and not overly sweet, which is a big deal for me. I prefer shakes and such that have more of an earthy essence than that ultra sweetness that doesn’t leave your mouth for an hour.

Funny enough, I’ve never been to an actual Moonjuice location.  The gentleman that made our order waited patiently for us to try our hot drinks and make sure we approved, which I did! Definitely, recommend the Spirit Dust Chai Latte with “moon milk” and cinnamon! It’s supposedly  “vibe raising” and seeing how yummy it was, I believe the hype. Felt very vibbie 😉

The decor was super sweet and simple, a lot like their brand.

Products at Moonjuice get straight to the point! Beauty Dust, Sex Dust, Spirit Dust…they’re not about hiding intent in the slightest, and I’m not hating on it.  Just tell me what the product does! Simplicity is key in my book. Working with mom-brain over here!

The grab and go section would be a great choice on-the-run! Plenty of juices, protein shakes, tonics, and even little breakfast goodies to choose from.

I went with the blue moon protein. Made with alkaline water, coconut, brown rice protein, chia seeds, tocotrienols, blue spirulina, stevia, and pink salt—it definitely contains a lot of the goodness! For me, the flavor was a tad too chalky. Not my favorite, especially for the $10 price tag. YIKES!!! I probably won’t order that one again.

All-in-all, Moonjuice is worth a try if you’re in the area.


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Mother Nature’s Remedy

February 2, 2018

Hey Guys,
This place that I’m sharing has been a family favorite of mine for over a decade! My mom used to take me to the original location in Northridge, CA. Now it’s only grown bigger, better, and my obsession continues to grow!  Mother Nature’s Remedy is a Valley gem and the perfect place to go for all things holistic, herbal, and now it even has a cool little cafe that serves food and drinks!

The same owner still runs the store. He asks me about my YouTube channel every time I come in, because he remembers when I was just starting out. =) Him and his wife are so chill and down to earth, it’s clear he runs the shop with passion and years of experience and knowledge.

 The curation of natural goods gives me so much shop inspiration!  There’s everything from essential oils, to tonics, beauty care, natural enhancement shakes and proteins….

…I even found real sea sponges! I think they’re so interesting and beautiful. Perfect addition to bathtub tray.

They also carry salt rocks galore (every shape and size), smudge sticks for days, incense, holders…and honestly just a ton of my favorite things!

The ultimate favorite being the herb wall of wonders!

Every type of dried herb, root, tea, petal, and MORE that you could possibly imagine. Talk about a kid in a candy shop moment!

I even picked up some Red Raspberry Leaf for a PMS Hacks video that I’m working on. Making a custom blend tea to take the kick out of cramps.

A few other things that make this shop particularly unique is they also offer homeopathic treatments on site. They have an infrared sauna, massage therapy, and acupuncture available.

The cherry on top is the newest addition to the Mother Nature’s brand, their little cafe! They open a few hours earlier than the shop and offer some pretty spectacular treats, tonics, acai bowls, and even savory options like their gluten-free vegan waffles and the surprisingly delicious and nutritious, Cashew Cream Cheeze and Sea Clear (contains kelp and chlorella) toast with avocado. Didn’t see that one coming, but it was pretty dang good!

And then there’s the coffee, tea, and juice selection! What else could I ask for? Any bulletproof coffee fans out there?  I tasted the one they serve at MNR and it was so rich and SOOOO delicious!

I would highly suggest you stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.  It truly is a one-stop shop for holistic self-care.