DIY Vanilla Lavender Hand Warmers

November 11, 2014


Hey Everyone!

The weather is starting to get a bit chilly, so I wanted to make these super easy NO-SEW Hand Warmers!! I’ve seen ideas similar to this before, and they are super simple to make. You can make these scented or unscented. I chose to go for a Lavender Vanilla scent. They are two of my favorite scents.

The base of the hand warmers is brown rice, which is great for absorbing and retaining heat. So you’ll add a few drops of your essentials oil(s) into a bowl of uncooked rice and toss that about.  Set it aside to let it absorb a bit while you construct the hand warmers.  If you don’t have essential oil on hand, another simple idea is to use a portion of a dryer sheet in each warmer. Same concept =)


You’ll want to cut your choice of fabric into 4 inch squares. Remember that you want enough squares to make at least two full hand warmers, one for each pocket, and each hand warmer requires two squares of fabric. SO, a set of hand warmers is four squares total.

IMG_0239You can use a gridded cutting board like this one from Michaels to make the process much easier. Don’t worry about being too precise though, you’ll trim the edges later.


Now that you have your pile of fabric squares, you’ll want to cut 4 inch strips of iron on hemming tape.  If you wanted to sew the seams you could, but this is so much easier, and I’m actually terrible at sewing. haha   =)


Lay the tape strips on three sides of a fabric square.  You’ll want to leave one side open for the warmer filling.


Place another fabric square on top of the first…


…and follow the heating instructions as directed on the tape you purchased.  Mine instructed me to hold an iron, on Medium heat, on top of each seem for 3 second increments, until the seem was sealed.


Once three sides are sealed, you can go back to the rice and fill each hand warmer with approximately 3 tbsp of rice.


Add the fourth iron on strip to the open end…


…and iron it shut.

TIP: Test the seams by gently shaking the rice to each edge to see if any seem is left unsealed.  If you find a weak spot, add a bit more hem tape and iron for and additional 3 seconds.


Once the warmer is fully sealed, simply trim off the edges…


…and you are ready to go!

All you need to do is microwave the warmers for 30 seconds on high, stick them in your pockets, and keep your hands nice and toasty!


They also make a great present!



Hope you enjoyed this post. =)

xo, Rachel


♥ My Short Hair Routine (Quick &Easy) ♥

November 10, 2014

Hope you enjoyed this quick post

xo, Rachel


My Current Makeup Favorites

November 10, 2014


Today I wanted to share with you my current makeup favorites! These are products that I would go back and re-purchase over and over again because they work so beautifully. I’ve always preferred to used quality makeup as it tends to sit better on my skin.


Step 1: Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer:

Stila is one of my favorite makeup ranges. This CC cream is what I’m currently using as my first step. I LOVE it <3


 Step 2: Concealer

YSL Touche Eclat is a cult classic. It doubles as a highlighter/concealer, so it really does an excellent job at concealing dark circles.


Step 3: Contour

I contour using the Anastasia Contour Palette with the Nars “ITA” brush. I personally find the “ITA” brush to be the ideal contouring brush.  I love the palette because it allows you to customize your own color. Contouring can be tricky, and tend to look muddy if it isn’t the right shade.



Step 4: Eyes

I’ve been switching up my mascara for years. I love Lancome, Tarte, and Loreal Voluminious mascara. I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday, but when I do, I love to use the “In The Light” eye shadow palette by Stila. It has more neutral shades which I prefer since I have  a difficult eye shape to work with.




 Step 5: Blush & Highlight

I’ve been using Nars “Orgasm” blush for YEARS!! It is BY FAR my favorite blush. I recently purchased the Nars “Albatross” highlighter, and I’m equally impressed. It makes my skin look extra glowy and dewy, like I just had a fresh facial.



 Step 6: Lips

Stila Lip Glazes are THE BEST!! They come in many beautiful colors, taste amazing, and really plump the lips.


Step 7: Fragrance

For fragrance, I like to keep it very fresh and clean. Amazing Grace by Philosophy is my daily fragrance. It smells absolutely beautiful, and very clean.


 What are some of YOUR makeup must haves?

Hope you enjoyed this post!

xo, Rachel


Soul Cycle Obsession

November 7, 2014

 I have been hearing about Soul Cycle for MONTHS!! It feels like every celebrity and blogger has been attending these fast paced spin classes. I was curious to try it out, but always very intimidated. It wasn’t until a friend of mine invited me to join her in on a class that my eyes were opened to the amazing addiction that IS Soul Cycle.

Yes, it’s HARD!!! Very hard. It’s doable, but very challenging.  It works every part of your body, and leaves you feeling exhausted, yet strong and capable. With every class I can feel myself becoming stronger.

What I love most about it, is that it’s 45 min of me giving it my all. I forget about everything else that weighs on my mind during the day, and I focus on becoming stronger. The lights are low, music blasting, the room smells of light eucalyptus, and everyone is on this ride together. The instructor shouts inspiration like “Who you are in here will define who you are out there” , “Every setback is a setup for a comeback.” It’s very inspiring, and encourages you to push past the temporary pain. It’s unlike any workout I’ve ever done. It’s an adrenaline rush that gets you excited to go back for the next class.

Sure, I’m not the star of the class. It’s gonna take me a while to get stronger, but I must admit, I AM a Soul Cycle convert.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 5.44.28 PM


They sell Lululemon workout gear with their signature branding on it. I love IT! It’s the most comfortable workout gear and super cute!





They have classes in New York, LA, and I believe Chicago.

Check out www.soul-cycle.com for more details.

xo, Rachel

second picture courtesy of eonline.com

Fashion, Home

New Goodies

November 5, 2014

I bought myself a few presents this past week that have been on my wish list for a while. I needed some gloves for New York, so I got these great bow gloves from KateSpade. I LOVE how feminine they are, but they will go with everything. I would also love to find a great leather pair of gloves, but I have yet to find the perfect pair. Any recommendations?



I have been eyeing Jo Malone candles for YEARS. Back when I used to work at Nordstrom I would always go over and sniff my way through the Jo Malone counter. They have the most uniquely scented candles, and I think that is what makes them so exquisite and luxurious. You don’t even have to light the candle for its aroma to fill the room. I have been wanting the Rose candle since FOREVER, so I finally decided to indulge. My husband Byron has been complimenting the smell ever since I brought it home. It’s very subtle and classy. Jo Malone candles also make a fabulous gift. The staff always do an amazing job of wrapping everything so beautifully, so it’s a real treat to receive as a special present.




Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.26.00 PM


Hope you enjoyed this quick post

xo, Rachel